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an exploration of South Dallas's high incarceration rates, food desert issues,
and one solution to both problems


explore the connection between astronomy, mythology, legends, ancient civilizations, and a looming threat to our collective psyche
Austin Film Festival

All kinds of assets

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All kinds of collaboration

We specialize in not specializing, leaving us flexible and empowered to assist you with any and all of your post-production needs, from as little as consulting on what donuts to buy for the cast and crew, to creating the monster you imagined, the world you haven’t thought of yet, and the sonic soundscape and score to really bring your creations to life. Centrally located on the third coast in Austin, Texas, we are well positioned to collaborate with producers, filmmakers, and designers of AR, VR, XR, and other interactive media, from East to West, and beyond.

Get in touch today to discuss adding the finishing touches to your next project, even if you haven’t started shooting yet. We like to observe the development of projects from as early as possible to help ensure our creations fit your aesthetic, imagination, needs, wants, desires, and completely blow your expectations out of the water.